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Market Commentary Fall 2022 Thumbnail

Market Commentary Fall 2022

Market Overview The first half of 2022 has seen broad declines to both equity and fixed-income markets as investors continued to digest the new rising rate environment. The central banks have taken particularly aggressive moves in raising interest rates to help curb persistently high inflation, to the surprise of some market participants.

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Market Commentary Spring 2022 Thumbnail

Market Commentary Spring 2022

Market Overview The start of 2022 has seen a return of the volatility that was largely absent from the markets for most of 2021. Both equity and fixed-income markets started the first months of the year with significant pullbacks. While many were hopeful that the world would be progressing towards a return to normal from the pandemic, the Ukraine/Russia war that began in late February largely interrupted this path forward.

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2022 Federal Budget Thumbnail

2022 Federal Budget

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland tabled the 2022 Federal Budget on April 7, 2022. Housing and affordability took the main stage with numerous measures aimed at tackling housing access, affordability, and improvements. There are no broad-based tax increases on individuals or corporations. The capital gains inclusion rate remains at 50% and there’s no real change to the principal residence exemption.

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