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Fun Activities To Do When Stuck Inside Thumbnail

Fun Activities To Do When Stuck Inside

Some great tips to help you and your family pass the time while social distancing.

Relax and stay healthy!

Make an Origami Easter Bunny


Zoom With Friends

Throw a video conferencing party with friends and family.   Zoom is a free and easy way to meet in a virtual group.  ***Make sure to set a password



Dalgona Coffee Challenge 

A frothy coffee making challenge sweeping the internet.


Quarantine Bread – “Procrasti-baking”

Yeast Free Bread Recipe https://fussfreeflavours.com/emergency-bread/

People baked to procrastinate or to relieve stress and anxiety. In 2018, a psychology professor told the New York Times that “procrastibaking,” as he called it, could help us “feel skilled, nurturing and virtuous in the present while distracting us from the future.” 


Re-Grow Lettuce at Homehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIasiDxriWQ


Build a Rube Goldberg Machine Video Challenge!

Make a complicated machine to do something simple



Free CBC Streaming Content

After you watch all of Netflix and Disney+ try the CBC!


We Recommend - "Travel Man 48 Hours In…"


Assiniboine Park & Zoo Creature Feature

Join us on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1:00 pm CDT for a LIVE Creature Feature on Facebook! We’ll be introducing you to an animal, teaching you about something that's important to us here at the Zoo, and answering your questions LIVE!   https://www.facebook.com/events/3127753923941582/

Go to a Virtual Museum

Google has teamed up with some of the most famous museums in the world, and you can visit them with your kids from the comfort of your home. From MoMA to the Arizona Capitol Museum, there are dozens of museums to choose from. The British Museum of London, for one, has a wonderful interactive site.

Smithonian Institute

Fun stuff for kids and teens   https://www.si.edu/kids

Science Kids

There are lots of activities and projects for your kids to learn and play with on the Science Kids site. As with any other science project, they'll most likely need your assistance, so it can be fun for both of you!

National Geographic Kids

This is a great way to let your kids explore the world from their own home. National Geographic Kids takes their usual informative commentary and gives it a fun little twist. This makes it more interesting for kids while still giving them an inside look to the outside world.

Scratch from MIT

Coding for Kids!

If your child is enthralled by computers or video games, introduce them to Scratch. Scratch is a program to teach children how to write their own computer code using a simple block system. It's designed for ages 8+, but if you have a slightly younger future programmer, there's a special version for kids ages 5 to 7 called ScratchJr.

Story Time with Miss Sam!

Fort Frances Public Library



Free Audio Books for kids 



Tons of free games and quizzes! Can you name the countries of the world?



QuizUp App

Available for both iPhone and Android. This competitive trivia app pits two players against each other in seven rounds of questions in one of several hundred different categories, including pop culture and academia. And it's free.


Build a Funny JibJab Video https://www.jibjab.com/


Make a Tik Tok Dance Video


You’ll have to download the app and ask a kid how it's done…




Jr. NBA at Home

Basketball Drills and Activities



Yoga At Home


Scholastic Learn at Home 


LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems!


7 Creative Hobbies to Take Up in the New Year

Martha Stewart 



Good Housekeeping

These Creative Activities Will Keep Kids Occupied for Hours

You'll definitely want to get in on the fun too.


The Artful Parent 

10 things to do at home with your kids



15 Easy Crafts For Kids




 Live Concerts and Streaming Musichttps://www.vulture.com/2020/04/all-musicians-streaming-live-concerts.html 

The Metropolitan Opera




Enjoy and Stay Safe!