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A Changing Client Base and Growing Demand Thumbnail

A Changing Client Base and Growing Demand

Introduction: A Changing Client Base and Growing Demand

Everyone experiences emotions about money and their financial situation, spanning from guilt to fear to anxiety. This is especially the case for millennials and younger generations, who are just beginning to grow their wealth. To better understand their finances and how they can achieve financial security, many people turn to financial services companies. 

Top financial services companies, like Ontario-based Holmlund Financial – Optimize Wealth Management, focus on providing a seamless customer experience. Their agents prioritize ease of communication and personalization to ensure that customers feel comfortable reaching out to them for answers about such a sensitive subject. To provide a frictionless experience, they have to be able to communicate efficiently with customers through a convenient channel.

Experts estimate that $68 trillion will move between generations within 25 years, which means the need for financial management assistance is growing. Plus, studies suggest that 80% or more of heirs will look for a new financial advisor after inheriting wealth. This means that Holmlund Financial is facing a higher demand than ever before. 

In May 2019, the Holmlund Financial team decided that they needed to find a way to provide a personalized experience while increasing their capacity to take on these waves of new clients. They found Heymarket.

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