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FFHS Athletic Teams Donation 2022 Thumbnail

FFHS Athletic Teams Donation 2022

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I'm honoured to be able to support the Fort Frances High School Athletic Teams with a donation of $10,000. Having the chance to play Muskie sports helped me to build confidence and learn to overcome challenges. Happy to see more kids getting the same opportunity.

In spite of a volatile market, 2022 has been an incredible year for Holmlund Financial. We have grown at a record pace thanks to the trust of our clients. As a result of new referrals and clients consolidating their accounts at HF, we have been able to give back at an unprecedented level. 

If you have a charity or group that you feel we should support, please let me know.



If you would like to join me in supporting high school sports please contact Tyson Grinsell - FFHS School Athletic Director tyson.grinsell@rrdsb.com