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Atikokan Stands With Ukraine - Browns' Clearwater West Lodge Thumbnail

Atikokan Stands With Ukraine - Browns' Clearwater West Lodge

Atikokan Stands with Ukraine

Friends of Holmlund Financial, Aniela & Brian of Browns' Clearwater West Lodge are taking action to help families in need displaced by the war in Ukraine.  

Read & listen to their heartwarming story below

" I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing you today on behalf of an initiative we are leading in response to the current Russian Occupation in Ukraine. We are currently mobilizing several community agencies, businesses and volunteers to assist in formulating a collective response from Northwestern Ontario, but we need your help!

As I write this, we are 45 days and counting into the armed conflict, with no end in sight. There is an estimated 4.4 million people that have sought safe haven in neighbouring countries and that number is growing daily. Women, children, elderly are flooding the borders of countries like Poland, Slovakia, Moldova and Hungary. From there, they are travelling further west to seek normality and peace. This is one of the largest humanitarian crises since World War II and it is continuing to grow by the minute!

Since the first shell hit the ground in Ukraine, our family has been discussing ways we can help and after night and day research, countless phone calls, sleepless nights and planning we decided that we would donate the use of one of the facilities that we have here at camp for the displaced Ukrainians to experience a softer landing here in Canada. We have a twenty-eight (28) bed facility that could house more, if needed, that we plan on dedicating to this initiative for as long as it takes. We have promised the first three (3) families employment at our tourism camp for the next 5 months and will assist them in finding full-time employment and housing once this term is complete.

Right now, at our airports all across Canada, Ukrainians are landing with passports, work-permits/visas and what few belongings they were able to grab in hand with no work, no housing and often without much English; some are even falling victim to scammers and human traffickers. Add this to the trauma that they have endured escaping the country and the days in-between, and the humanitarian crisis that we mentioned earlier that was unfolding overseas is now unfolding, unknowingly, in our own country. This is where our initiative steps in. Our goal is... "

Atikokan Stands With Ukraine Business Donation Letter.pdf

Follow Aniela and Brian's story @ https://www.facebook.com/brownsclearwaterlodge/

We will be donating up to $2,000 from our Facebook Page 


Please join us and donate if you can.

Donations of $100.00 or more to Atikokan Stands with Ukraine are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Simply make the cheque out or send an e-transfer to the Atikokan Community Fellowship Church or atikokancf@gmail.com which is set up for auto deposit. If returning a cheque, please include the form below. If forwarding an e-transfer, please indicate that your donation is designated for Atikokan Stands with Ukraine and include your name, address and email and phone number. A PDF receipt will then by emailed to you.

If no receipt is required, you can donate directly to our initiative through